Football Ropes

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Football Ropes


Football or Soccer Ropes funny is completely free to play .
Everything free - All for free:
+ Unlock characters
+ Remove Ads
+ Change background

+ Take control of 2 characters at one . Jumping from cliff to cliff . Remember don't look down !
+ Wellcome to Soccer Ropes Funny , superbly satisfying spatial puzzle
+ Soccer Ropes is an instantly accessible challenge you'll want to Jump again and again.
+ Pick up new characters for free
+ Tap Action Jumping, Easy to play but hard to master game
+ Compete for the best score in the world

Collect coins to Unlock and play mini Jackpot
+ Share and watching video get more coins
+ Share facebook and Twitter
+ Playing mini game - Jackpot can get more coins

Supported 3 Languages
+ Russian
+ English
+ Vietnamese
Coming soon
+ Chinese
+ Thai

+ 16+ Characters for unlock
+ Share get more coins : Facebook , Twitter
+ Video reward
+ 2 background : Icy and Football-Soccer
+ Supported Android Phone and Tablet

how to change Background
+ Home Scene ->Button Setting -> Button Change Background

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